Rockies 7 day Camping Trip


Enjoy one of the most scenic drives and take some breathtaking photos while you’re at it! This 7-day camping trip is a picture-perfect way to experience Canada’s natural beauty. Visit Banff, Lake Louis, Jasper, the famous Columbia Icefields and Yoho while hiking, camping, and learning photography.

Whether you’re packing the latest and greatest DSLR unit or a camera phone, your guide will make sure you learn to take amazing photos. With a small group and a guide with over 10 years of hiking and guiding experience, there is plenty of one-on-one instructions, and you’ll learn all about landscape and night photography and how to capture the majesty of nature, wildlife and the milky way.

The fun and safe road trip includes camping under the stars, while hiking the stunning Rockies and around beautiful turquoise lakes.


Day 1 Drive to Jasper, through Kamloops and the Rockies
Day 2 Check out wildlife, visit Maligne Canyon, hike Sulpher Skyline trail; take a dip in the Miette hot springs
Day 3 Visit Jasper town, Mt. Edith Cavell, Athabasca Falls, Columbia icefields; Peyto Lake
Day 4 Visit Lake Louise, hike Plain of 6 Glaciers & teahouse and Moraine Lake
Day 5 Visit Johnston Canyon, hike Sulpher mountain, visit Banff town
Day 6 Visit Emerald andO'Hara lakes in Yoho National park
Day 7 Drive back to Vancouver

Cost includes transportation and accommodation in campgrounds (or hostels/hotels as upgrade); food and activities extra

Cost: $699


What to bring: Personal camping and hiking supplies. Communal items like tents/cooking equipment are included.