Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show

A must-attend next weekend for our members! Lots of discounts on clothing/gear/trips, info sessions and classes, and the latest and greatest in outdoor stuff! Nature PhotoHikes will have a table set up so drop by and say hello! Check out their website!...

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The Art of taking less photos

I was with a couple of friends in a walking tour of Grenada, Spain, along with a bunch of other tourists. As usual we all came equipped with the latest camera gear, shooting every nook and corner of the famous Al-Hambra palace. At one point...

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Basics of Landscape Photography

When learning photography for the first time, it shouldn't matter what kind of camera you have, whether a DSLR or an iPhone. The basics should focus on lighting and composition rather than concepts like depth of field, which require manipulating settings associated with DSLRs. Fortunately for...

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