A Recap of our Fall and Winter Tours

The last eight months brought many wonderful memories…of amazing trips and great friendships! It wasn’t easy to organize these events – we had the wettest and coldest fall and winter in over sixty years; and I had to postpone more events in the last six months than I did in the past ten years

As much hard work as it was, we got to complete a few bucket lists: like snowshoeing across Joffre and Garibaldi Lakes, checking out the beautiful hot springs in Pemberton, spending Christmas at the Elfin hut, and experiencing the northern lights in Whitehorse! Even the shorter, regular, outings brought new faces and created friendships for many of us, whether we’re staying on for the summer or leaving for other places.

As charity and awareness goes hand in hand with our events, we raised over $1,500 for various causes like Take a Hike Youth Foundation, Peace Meal for the homeless of Vancouver, and sponsoring Syrian refugees abroad as well as locally. Thanks to everyone who donated their money and time to these causes!

Lastly, none of these events would be possible without help from you, the attendees! Thanks for participating and helping when we needed you, for your patience in dealing with the ever-changing weather and other circumstances. We couldn’t have done it without you!

So, let’s bring on the summer!!

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