Donate to the Alberta Fires Appeal

banner-afav3mainenAs a community┬áthat thrives on the outdoors and what nature has to offer, we’re reminded of its wrath and power in times like these. Affecting an area hundred times the size of Calgary, the fire has reached such epic proportions that no amount of resources, money, infrastructure or oil can stop it, except one thing: rain. Closer to home, yes we’re in the longest stretch of sunny days so far this year, but keep in mind that wildfires have already started here too. Same time this year we were saying the same thing – never will I complain about the rain in Vancouver!

The events in Alberta has also brought communities together: I have friends in Fort Mac sharing amazing stories of bravery and compassion in the face of devastation, friends in Edmonton/Calgary offering up their homes, of refugees reaching out to help the evacuees, etc. As a gesture of support from our group, all funds raised this month (starting with this weekend’s double-header) will be donated to Red Cross’ appeal. If you’re not attending our events, please donate directly to help the victims of the fire. Thank you.

Update: To date, we raised $295 this month, which will be matched by the Canadian government, for a total of $590. Thanks to everyone for your support!

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