Panorama Ridge


Enjoy nature while learning to take breathtaking photos! My personal favourite, the scenery from Panorama Ridge is one of the best in the world, high above Garibaldi Lake. A gruelling trek but well worth the views! Whether you’re packing the latest and greatest DSLR unit or a camera phone, your guide with over 10 years of hiking and guiding experience will make sure you learn to take amazing photos.

With small groups and plenty of one-on-one instruction, you’ll learn how to capture the majesty of nature wherever you are. Cost includes pick up and return from downtown Vancouver.

Level: Advanced
Time: 15 hours (Includes transportation)
Distance: 30km
Elevation: 1520 meters
Season: June-October

Cost: $249


Choose from our scheduled tours or pick your own dates for groups of 2 or more

What to bring: Hiking shoes, hiking poles, jacket, water/snacks