Joffre Lakes


Enjoy nature while learning to take breathtaking photos! Joffre Lakes is one of BC's most beautiful hikes and is relatively easy to access compared to other alpine lakes. Whether you’re packing the latest and greatest DSLR unit or a camera phone, your guide with over 10 years of hiking and guiding experience will make sure you learn to take amazing photos.

With small groups and plenty of one-on-one instruction, you’ll learn how to capture the majesty of nature wherever you are. Cost includes pick up and return from downtown Vancouver.

Level: Intermediate
Time: 12 hours (Includes transportation)
Distance: 11km
Elevation: 400 meters
Season: May-October

Cost: $209


Choose from our scheduled tours or pick your own dates for groups of 2 or more

What to bring: Hiking shoes, hiking poles, jacket, water/snacks