Hiking for Charity

In addition to the photography tours, Nature PhotoHikes organizes weekly hikes around Vancouver. Besides creating a community who share a common love of the outdoors, we also raise awareness and funds for worthwhile causes. In the past we've donated thousands of dollars to:
- Helping Rohingya Refugees - currently raising funds, matched dollar for dollar by the Canadian government
- The homeless of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside - raised $650 in 2016 and similar amount in 2013. In addition, our hiking community has volunteered once a month to feed the homeless for the past 12 years.
- sponsoring a Syrian family to Vancouver - raised $453 in 2016
- At risk youth in Vancouver area - raised $1,200 in 2016
- Victims of the Fort MacMurray fires - raised $295 in 2016 (matched by the Canadian government, for a total of $590)
- Victims of the earthquake in Italy - raised $40 in 2016
- Syrian refugees in Turkey - raised $5,300 in 2015
- School Project for Syrian Refugee Children in Turkey - raised $5,800 in 2014

We thank everyone who contributed, as hikers as well as non-hikers, to the above projects! It's your support that continues to inspire Nature PhotoHikes' community-based hikes, and we'll continue to support new causes with your help!