Upcoming Hikes and Tours

Choose from the following scheduled tours or pick your own dates for groups of 2 or more. Times include tour and additional time for pickup and return from downtown. All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Saturday, July 22nd: Tunnel Bluffs: Intermediate, 8 hrs, 9am-5pm
Sunday, July 23rd: Garibaldi Lake: Difficult, 10 hrs, 9am-7pm
Tuesday, July 25th: Vancouver Full Day Sightseeing & Photography Tour: 8 hrs, 10am
Friday, June 28th: Victoria Full-Day Sightseeing & Photography Tour: 14 hrs, 8am
Saturday, July 29th: Joffre Lakes: Difficult, 12 hrs, 8am-8pm
Sunday, July 30th: Sea-to-Sky Tour: Easy, 6 hrs, 10am-4pm